This Is Why You Should Stop Following Your Ex On Social Media

In the age of social media, it can be difficult to let go of the past and move on. If you don’t unfriend your ex after a breakup, you’ll be reminded of the relationship at the worst possible times by the photos and posts you shared on social media.

For this reason, “Breakup Bootcamp: The Science of Rewiring Your Heart” author and relationship advice writer Amy Chan recommends permanently removing all traces of your ex from your online presence.

Chan drew on her own personal experience going through a difficult breakup, the experiences of hundreds of customers who attended her seven-day Renew Breakup Bootcamp retreat, and the findings of psychological and neurological studies on the effects of a relationship’s end on the mind and body.

You’re hurting yourself, your ability to move on, and the chances of meeting someone new if you keep tabs on your ex on social media.

Following a breakup, this should be your main focus. That you stop sitting around and start doing things like going on dates and actually enjoying your life. And when your schedules fill up, there is no time to waste thinking about your ex.

That place where the past no longer holds you back from experiencing the present is where I hope you find yourself by now. You put in consistent effort, even if you don’t believe you’re making progress toward your goals.

The best way for me to get over a breakup was to go on with my life and experience new things, including traveling, starting a company, spending time with my kids, and meeting new people. Moreover, I was aware that the time I spent on social media looking at old photos of my ex was time I might have spent working toward my goals instead.

Not unfollowing an ex on Instagram is like putting a sticking plaster on a cut that keeps bleeding. Seeing your ex’s every move on social media will make getting over them even more difficult, regardless of how amicable your separation may have been.

Some may think that unfollowing an ex on social media is immature and juvenile, but unless you’ve experienced the heartbreak of seeing them go on without you, you can’t really realize how important it is. When you stop pursuing an ex, you take the first step toward healing from the hurt of a failed relationship and finding closure.

When it comes to building and maintaining meaningful connections, social media has its advantages. Social internet has made it possible for exes to rekindle their fires and for many people to find each other again. However, modern dating is fraught with difficulties due to the prevalence of social media. More stringent norms and expectations for romantic interactions are a direct result of the prominence of social media in people’s personal lives.

Is your significant other an active social media user? How often does your crush check your Instagram stories? Your boyfriend’s photo-liking behavior raises the question, why? These are only a few examples of the billions of questions that constantly bombard our minds. And seeing what an ex is up to on social media is a major drawback of modern dating.

Declaring your independence from a romantic partner is simple. You could tell yourself you’re over it and wouldn’t mind if your ex started seeing someone else, but that’s before you really see it happening. If you continue to follow your ex on social media, you are asking for more heartache and misery.

Consider how you’d feel if you were at home moping over a breakup and your ex posted a story on Instagram showing him out having a good time while you were stuck inside. It’s probably not the best. Some people recover more quickly than others. One person could need a month to get over an ex, while another might need six. Imagine how your ex will feel if you start dating someone soon after a split and start sharing with them all over your social media profiles.

Another bad habit you might get into by keeping up with an ex after a breakup is watching their every move on social media. What they’re up to, who they’re following, and whose photographs they’ve liked are all easily accessible with a single click. Instead of moving on with your life and healing from the breakup in a healthy way, social media may be a slippery slope towards cyberstalking, a place no one ever wants to go.

It may be difficult to break up with an ex at first. It’s not that you like them any less, but you don’t want them to misinterpret your actions as signs of immaturity, anger, or disinterest. At first, it may seem pointless to stop following your ex, but in the end, you’ll be much better off without them in your feed. If you’re holding on to an ex through social media, you should take the time now to tap to their page and boldly click “unfollow” as part of moving on and accepting the split.

Source – Tru News Report

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