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Why Celebs Don’t Marry One Another- Akosua Agyapong

Akosua Agyapong has provided insight into why celebrities tend to avoid marrying their colleagues, a trend that has gained popularity in recent times.

During a recent discussion on Graphic Showbiz, she emphasized that celebrities who choose partners outside the entertainment industry often have more successful marriages.

Based on her own personal experience of being previously married to Highlife musician Amandzeba, she highlighted the challenges that arise from being in the industry. Akosua Agyapong pointed out that the constant public attention and scrutiny that comes with being in the limelight can have a negative impact on the trust between celebrity couples.

In light of this, she suggested that marrying someone outside the industry could potentially lead to longer-lasting and more stable relationships.

“I have observed for a very long time that celebrities enjoy their marriages and also stay together for a longer period because their partners are not in the limelight,” she said.

“If you do the same work that I do, there will always be trust issues. You are in the limelight, and I am too, so when you step out, I will always have doubts in my mind, no matter the trust,” she added.

It is possible that her statement is based on the recent wedding of actor and comedian Kalybos, who tied the knot with another woman other than Ahuofe Patri.

Ahuofe Patri and Kalybos have been the subject of speculation regarding their relationship status on multiple occasions, yet they have neither confirmed nor denied it. Therefore, it was surprising when Kalybos recently got married to another woman. Interestingly, Ahuofe Patri attended the wedding and even mentioned that now that her best friend was married, she would begin her own search for a partner.

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