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Xandy Kamel, Ex-husband Trade Insults On Social Media

In the aftermath of her explosive interview with Delay, where Xandy Kamel took direct and indirect jabs at her ex-husband, Kaninja, the estranged spouse retaliated with equal measures of cruelty.

Xandy made it clear in her interview with Delay that she was the sole provider for the family, responsible for renting their house and covering all the bills. Additionally, she highlighted how she financed her own wedding, subtly mocking Kaninja as insignificant.

“I was still in my wedding gown when marital issues started. People started calling to inform me they have a thing with my husband. The longest I’ve been happy in my marriage is 5 minutes. We barely even had sex. I think we made love just about 6 times in our one year of staying together,” a somber Xandy revealed.

However, King Kaninja has now fired back at her, refuting allegations that his careless demeanour and infidelity led to the demise of their two-year marriage. Xandy also disclosed the abuse she endured during their union, which tragically resulted in the loss of two pregnancies.

In response, Kaninja claimed the marriage failed because Xandy was too focused on her lesbian partners rather than their marriage.

He claimed that his ex-wife’s act of playing the victim was merely a cover-up for her own shame. According to him, his ex-wife’s mentality is nothing but a facade to hide her own embarrassment.

He asserted that his ex-wife’s attempt to portray herself as a victim was just a mask to conceal her own shame.

He argued that his ex-wife’s victim act was simply a front to disguise her own feelings of humiliation. He maintained that his ex-wife’s victim persona was nothing more than a disguise to mask her own shame.

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