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You Are Fake- Medikal Tells D-Black In New Social Media Rant

Medikal has been very active on social media recently, sparking speculation and discussions among netizens. Some believe it could be a strategic move ahead of his upcoming London concert.

According to a recent post on X, the former Rapper of the Year winner at the Ghana Music Awards accused his colleague D-Black of being fake.

The reason behind this sudden attack is unknown, leaving many curious to see if D-Black will respond.

Interestingly, Medikal launched this attack right after announcing ticket sales for his concert, adding an unexpected twist to the situation.

D-Black tweeted: “Get ur tickets if ur out in London!! 🇬🇭 to the world !!! @Medikalbyk”.

Medikal quickly responded: “D black fuck off, you a fake nigga !”

In other news involving Medikal, the rapper disclosed that his departure from AMG was instigated by Showboy.

In a recent video, Medikal was very direct in expressing his feelings, blaming Showboy for sabotaging and ruining the group that he and Criss Waddle, the head of AMG, had established.

MDK did not hold back from using disrespectful language towards Showboy, attributing his bitterness to Showboy’s supposed foolish actions.

Medikal also expressed his gratitude towards his boss, Criss Waddle, acknowledging the platform he provided to showcase his talent.

However, he publicly apologized for disclosing the reasons behind his departure from the record label.

He made it clear that he no longer wishes to be associated with Showboy’s antics and has decided to distance himself from the AMG clique.

Source – Tru News Report


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