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This Is Why Kweku Smoke And Strongman Are Beefing

This article will provide you with the origin and most recent developments in the trending rap beef between Kweku Smoke and Strongman.

Who is Kweku Smoke

Paul Amankwah, known in the trap music industry as Kweku Smoke, is a Ghanaian rapper and songwriter who raps in Twi, Pidgin, and English. He first caught people’s attention when Sarkodie, one of Ghana’s biggest rappers, openly endorsed him on social media. He completed his primary education at Victory International School and pursued his secondary education at Benkum SHS. Subsequently, he enrolled at KNUST for his tertiary education.

In 2019, he engaged in consecutive studio sessions with Nana Boro, showcasing some of his recordings. Nana Boro, impressed by his work, connected him with Sarkodie. This collaboration led to an endorsement from Sarkodie, and together they officially released “Yedin” later that year. Since then, he has been actively involved in numerous projects, unveiling EPs such as “Snoop Forever,” “Big Shmoke,” “Eye Red,” “Old Compound,” “He Just Different,” and the recent “Playman.” Kweku Smoke has collaborated with artists such as Bosom Pyung, Yaw Tog, Reggie, O’Kenneth, Jay Bhad, and many more.

Who is Strongman

Osei Kwaku Vincent, popularly known as Strongman or Strongman Burner, is a Ghanaian rapper renowned for emerging victorious in the inaugural edition of the “Next Big Thing” notable rap competition in Ghana. The rapper was born and raised in Buokrom, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. His mother is known as Adwoa Ashia.

Strongman pursued his secondary education at T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School in Kumasi. He extended his academic journey to the university level and enrolled at the University of Cape Coast.

In 2011, he won KFM Freestyle Saturday and Tha Next Big Thing in GH Hip-Hop in 2012. He got signed to Sarkodie’s record label, Sarkcess Music, in March 2017. Sarkodie described Strongman as his “favourite MC of the moment.” In April 2019, Sarkcess Music formally announced the termination of the contractual agreement between the label and Strongman.

The Genesis of the Beef

Strongman and Kweku Smoke share a connection through Sarkcess Music and Sarkodie. However, the key difference lies in their association with the label. While Strongman was signed to Sarkcess Music for a period of two years until 2019, Kweku Smoke received an endorsement from Sarkodie in 2019 and collaborated on a record with him in the same year.

Even though Strongman is not new to this rap beef thing, one could say that this may fuel the rivalry and animosity between the two rappers. One takes pride in being touted as a great rapper despite not securing a record label deal, while the other boasts about being the artist who successfully signed with a label, in this case, Sarkcess Music Record Label.

The whole beef began when Kweku Smoke, out of the blue, called Strongman “local” and a “poor man” in Oseikrom Sikanii’s “Twatis” record. The song, which gained a lot of airplay, was released in May 2023.

Listen to Smoke’s words below:

Kweku Smoke’s jab on Oseikrom Sikanii’s song, ‘Twatis’

In June 2023, Mr Drew released his hit single “Case” following his departure from the Highly Spiritual record label. In the remix, featuring Strongman and Sista Afia, the rapper seized the moment to address the jab from Kweku Smoke in Oseikrom Sikanii’s song. He was straightforward and labelled him a fool

Listen to Strongman’s words below:

Strongman’s reply to Kweku Smoke on Mr Drew’s ‘Case.’

To think that all had died down, Kweku Smoke came back with a more intense diss, calling out Strongman on Ko-Jo Cue’s track “32,” from the “I’m Back” album released in November 2023. He referenced Strongman calling him a fool and flipped it to label Strongman’s parents as fools.

He also expressed that Strongman remains uncouth despite being under Sarkodie’s tutelage, therefore suggesting that he is blind and needs to be enrolled in the school of the blind.

Smoke went for a third jab, saying Strongman eats in chamber pot.

Listen to Smoke’s words below:

Kweku Smoke replies to Strongman’s jab on Ko-Jo Cue’s ’32’ off the ‘I’m Back’ EP

On Ko-Jo Cue’s “32” record, Strongman replied to Kweku Smoke, calling Smoke’s parents derogatory names. He also addressed the Sarkcess label issue, the fufu-pounding jab, and a direct diss to Smoke.

Listen to Strongman’s words below:

Strongman comes back with a reply to Kweku Smoke on the same record.

Smoke retaliated strongly with a dedicated track titled “Ogyam.” The three-minute song, set to a hip-hop beat, fired back at Strongman in a way that the previous ones seemed to only scratch the surface.

Listen below:

Strongman quickly bounced back with a dedicated track titled “Short Man,” unleashing a barrage of disses on Smoke. In this two-minute track, he directly called him out, concluding with the resounding tag “foolish boy.”

Listen below:

Kweku Smoke retaliates with a response titled “Comfortable Lead.” The dissing persists with direct shots at Strongman’s chest and ribs. With “Comfortable Lead” as the title suggests, Smoke takes the lead in diss tracks. At this juncture, Strongman must come back with a counter, or else the advantage might tilt in favour of Smoke.

Listen to the track below:


As of now, Kweku Smoke leads with one diss track ahead of Strongman. Declaring a winner remains premature, as Strongman might drop a rebater at any given time. Our judgement is reserved until the situation unfolds further. Nevertheless, the recent releases from both sides showcase remarkable wordplay and delivery.

While acknowledging the creative efforts of both artists, Tru News Report encourages them to uphold a clean and healthy competition. Entertainment in Ghana needs them intact.

Stay tuned for any forthcoming updates.

Source – Tru News Report

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